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Binance introduce Sensei, an AI-powered Tutor



Binance has introduced Binance Sensei, an AI-driven chatbot on Binance Academy. The new AI tutor is powered by ChatGPT technology which enables an intuitive approach to accessing information in Binance. Binance aims to facilitate the adoption of Web3 by creating an accessible ecosystem and embracing cutting-edge technology.

Binance Sensei is an AI-driven learning tool integrated into Binance Academy designed to elevate the learning experience of users. Binance Sensei enables users to access educational materials on Binance Academy, the Binance learning platform.

Using the chatbot, users can interact by inputting keywords or questions through the chat window, afterward, receiving a response, instantly,  Binance said.

The interaction will be based on articles on Binance Academy or other reliable open sources.

However, the Binance Sensei is currently available only in English and is not intended to provide any form of specific advice to users. Further, Binance pledged not to be responsible for or bound by the information or results obtained. Thus, users are to agree that “any responses or information obtained are at their sole risk and discretion.”

How to use Binance Sensei

  • Visit Binance Academy. Users have to first explore the Binance learning platform. 
  • Locate the bot icon on the Academy page.
  • Engage with Sensei on a chat. When the chat window opens, type in keywords of interest or questions.
  • View and explore recommended readings.

Binance Sensei provides an approximately 150-word summary per user search. Also, Binance Sensei will suggest three relevant articles (recommended readings) to further expand your knowledge on the topic.

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