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Sei Network to deploy CodedEstate on the Sei Ecosystem



Sei Network has announced that it will be deploying CodedEstate on Sei’s ecosystem, a blockchain platform for decentralized applications and services. CodedEstate is a blockchain-powered platform with a focus on the real estate industry that aims to increase speed and transparency in property transactions.


CodedEstate also confirmed this partnership by announcing it on Twitter. CodedEstate’s integration within Sei’s ecosystem is a major step forward for both organizations. CodedEstate’s property platform can benefit from the increased security and transparency provided by the blockchain, which is hosted on Sei’s blockchain platform.


CodedEstate customers can buy as well as collect rent on a variety of residential and business properties. Using blockchain technology, the platform facilitates real estate transactions that are both quick and transparent, while also cutting down on the high fees and cumbersome paperwork typically associated with such investments.


CodedEstate’s functionality will be further bolstered by the tools available on Sei’s blockchain platform. With this, CodedEstate can conduct a huge number of real estate transactions fast and efficiently, thanks to its superior security mechanisms, including safe multi-party computation, and its high scalability.


Trading is the primary focus of Sei Network, which makes it the first industry-specific layer 1 blockchain. Every part of the blockchain has been improved in order to assist exchanges in operating more efficiently and providing the best user experience (UX) possible for its end users.


Sei provides one of the best-decentralized infrastructures for exchanges, which paves the way for the development of new kinds of financial products. These products can include anything from fully on-chain orderbook DEXs to live sports betting. 


The combined efforts of the two businesses are expected to produce a platform that provides real estate investors with unprecedented safety, openness, and efficiency.


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