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HALONFT token to go live in March



Metaverse, and NFT-themed platform, HALONFT has announced the token launch of its platform which is scheduled to go live in March alongside its GameFi platform, HALOWORLD. HALONFT is the first project incubated by Lifeform, a digital identity NFT platform. HALOWORLD is the first GameFi product on the Lifeform ecosystem developed by merging HALO and Lifeform. 

Upon launch, the new token will be airdropped to HALO ecosystem users and Lifeform users. HALONFT will airdrop the new token to seven (7) categories of individuals who hold assets ranging from HALO to Lifeforms. 

Seven categories of people eligible for the new token airdrop:

1. HALO NFT holder: all HALO NFT holders will get a snapshot and airdropped HALO when launched.

2. HALO Avatar NFT holder: This Avatar NFT is a Halo-exclusive NFT currently held by 571 owners out of 598 items available.

3. Life Avatar Poap holder: The Poap- Proof of attendance is a Lifeform NFT with 1000 items in the collection, and is currently held by 873 owners.

4. Lifeform Activity Medal holder: users who have earned an activity medal on Lifeform will be airdropped with the new HALO token.

5. Lifeform Points holder: Lifeform awards points to users as compensation or to those who complete certain tasks like making a referral to the platform. Users who have earned lifeform points are eligible for the new token drop.

6. Lifeform Avatar holder: just like the Halo Avatar, this collection has 20,000 items and is currently held by 132878 owners.

7. Lifeform Cartoon Avatar holder: There are over 625570 items in this collection, and currently owned by 605000 holders. It was launched with a one-month free mint on Lifeform.

Lifeform is an open-source metaverse platform for decentralized Identification. The platform aims to simplify the creation, usage, and management of virtual identities called virtual human avatars.

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1 Comment

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