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Cardano appoints new COO & CLO to foster Expansion



The Cardano Foundation has announced the appointments of Nicolas Jacquemart as its Chief Legal Officer (CLO) and Andreas Pletscher as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Pletscher comes to the Foundation from PwC, while Jacquemart comes from the Swiss financial market supervisory authority, FINMA.

The Cardano Foundation’s CEO, Frederik Gregaard, expressed his delight in welcoming Andreas and Nicolas to the organization. He claims that in addition to their knowledge, they also bring a tremendous amount of ambition and drive. Additionally, he expresses his conviction that the pair will significantly advance Cardono’s mission, which is to increase the Cardano blockchain’s operational robustness and acceptance while spreading awareness of the technology’s uses and possibilities.

Andreas Pletscher is anticipated to contribute his vast knowledge to the position of COO with more than 25 years of experience in the domestic and global financial services sector. Andreas has led complex IT and operational transformation initiatives. Andreas’ most recent project involves managing a significant transition for a crypto services provider in Switzerland. He has previously held the position of technological director at PwC and IBM.

Andreas Pletscher started by aligning with the view of the CEO as he commented on his new position as COO of the Cardano Foundation. He stated, “Frederik talks about operational resilience as one of the core focus areas of the Cardano Foundation’s strategy and I think that’s an excellent objective for any COO, but particularly one whose task is so bound up with technology, security, and community.” He also expresses his readiness to work with the team to enhance the functionality and robustness of the Cardano blockchain. 

To the executive team of the Foundation, Dr. Nicolas Jacquemart contributes a wealth of legal expertise. His most recent position was at FINMA, the Swiss organization in charge of overseeing the financial markets. He has worked in the past for renowned Swiss law firms. He obtained his doctorate in law from the University of Zurich, where he focused on the interaction between blockchain technology and the regulation of the financial markets.

Nicolas Jacquemart expressed enthusiasm and excitement for his upcoming role as CLO.  He reiterated that the  Cardano Foundation is committed to legal engagement and education, emphasizing its clear interest in the blockchain industry. He again expressed his eagerness to function as the interface between the Cardano ecosystem, the larger blockchain community, regulators, and the legal profession because there are many opportunities for collaboration. 

Cardano’s commitment to Expansion 

The Cardano Foundation has been making an effort to expand. The company joined the Linux Foundation to accelerate the adoption of blockchain as a technology, announced a three-year agreement with the University of Zurich Blockchain Center, and partnered with the National Wine Agency of Georgia to ensure the quality and authenticity of Georgian wine. These initiatives have all taken place in the past year. The most recent hires can also be viewed as a move by the organization to bolster its productivity.


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