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Certik unravels possible true identities of Monkey Drainer-linked scammers 



CertiK, a blockchain security company, claims to have identified at least one person connected to the “Monkey Drainer” phishing scam in real life.. The scammer, using the pseudonym “Monkey Drainer,” steals NFTs through smart contracts using the ice phishing technique.


Through fraudulent imitation of some non-fungible token (NFT) minting websites, the person or people responsible for the phishing scam have stolen millions of dollars worth of Ether (ETH).


In a recent blog post, CertiK claimed to have discovered on-chain messages between two scammers who had recently been involved in a $4.3 million Porsche NFT phishing scam. The company was also able to connect one of the scammers to a Telegram account that sold phishing kits in the same vein as Monkey Drainer.


In one of the messages, it was discovered that the sender identified themselves as “Zentoh” and called the individual who stole the money “Kai.”

Kai’s failure to deliver a portion of the stolen money seemed to enrage Zentoh. According to the message from Zentoh, Kai is to deposit the illegally obtained money “at our address.”



CertiK identified a joint wallet, which it believes was the recipient of the $4.3 million stolen in cryptocurrency. Certik further stated that “some of the most well-known Monkey Drainer scammer wallets” are “directly linked” to the shared wallet. 

Possible Wallet draining Syndicate?

The two communicated over Telegram, as Zentoh revealed in another message. On the messaging platform, CertiK discovered a perfect match for the alias and was able to establish that the duo runs a Telegram group that sells phishing tools to fellow scammers.

Zentoh did not just stop at selling phishing tools to fellow scammers, the Telegram group also provided a tutorial on how the wallet drainers work. The bottom right desktop settings suggest the individual who made this video is likely located in France. The music in the video is also French rap.


By digging deeper, Certik discovered multiple more online identities that might be connected to Zentoh, including one on GitHub that published repositories for crypto drainer tools.

It is possible to identify a French national who resides in Russia if the related links between the accounts are legitimate and correct.

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