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Tether’s Offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH₮) Launches on TRON



The operating company of the Tether USD, Tether Operations Limited (Tether), on Tuesday announced it had launched its offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH₮) on the Tron Blockchain. Following the launch, the first exchange to enable deposit and withdrawal of CNH₮ by users will be Bitfinex, Tether said. The transaction will be done from the platform using the Tron blockchain transport layer.

For the company, launching CNH₮ on TRON indicates that the firm is committed to pioneering stablecoin technology in the global market. 

CNH₮ was created in 2019 as a stablecoin pegged to the Chinese yuan (CNH). It was at first an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and being launched on TRON will mark the second blockchain. CNH₮ can however be obtained, traded, and held on the Tron blockchain.

Of the four stablecoins supported by Tether, CNH₮ is one. The other three include USD₮, pegged to USD, Euro (EUR₮), pegged to Euro, and Peso (MXN₮). 

Tether CTO, Paolo Ardoino, expressed that the company is excited to bring CNH₮ to the Tron ecosystem. He also mentioned that the best way forward, as the crypto market is in a downturn, is to keep building. “Things are business as usual at Tether, and we hope our continued growth and expansion will inspire others to keep going,” he added. 

Tether USD is powered by Tether and was created in October 2014. It was the first launched stablecoin and ranks higher than other stablecoins according to market capitalization.

The company, however, revealed it will only sell or redeem CHN₮ following its terms of service available (as of the date of the announcement) at

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