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Swirge Network Registers in the UK, To Move Operations Out of Nigeria Owing to Regulatory Uncertainty.



* Swirge cites government tyranny as reason for leaving.
* Unhealthy business environment.

Swirge Network has announced their move from the Nigerian business environment after registering in the United Kingdom. The firm published a Twitter post announcing this move. Swirge cited the uncertainty and unexpected regulatory factors in the Nigerian state as the reason.

And thus it has taken the bold step to prevent facing issues with the tyrannic government and to protect its users and investors. 

It said it has officially been registered in the United Kingdom 

Swirge further said it’ll be moving it’s Headquarters to suitable African countries that support freedom of speech and that respects development and progress. 

The decision of Swirge may have been influenced by several factors ranging from the prohibition of the financial institutions from facilitating cryptocurrency transactions, SEC’s position on all cryptocurrency as Securities to other issues, but it seemed the trigger may have been the suspension of Twitter by the Federal government of Nigeria after Twitter censored a tweet made by the Nigerian President.


Responses from the Swirge community project positive sentiments over the decision to move business operations outside the country. 

A twitter user name Sofia Caleb said “Great one guys. You have taken a good step. Congrats and good luck”

Another one, Kelvin Jeremy said “Swirge to the United kingdom where it can be accepted without any restrictions #Freedom Good luck team” 

Samuel Saint contributed saying “This is indeed a bold step taken..I’m proud of the zeal and enthusiasm put in place for the  progress of this project.” 

What’s the fate of local crypto start-ups with global investors and users? Share your comments below? 

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