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Millions of Telegram Users to Trade Cryptocurrency With Button Wallet



Button Wallets brings to Telegram users the ability to trade and hold digital currencies on the Telegram platform with its TON testnet service
The firm revealed its free Telegram Open Network (TON) testnet service is to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency by allowing users to practically experience the use of cryptocurrencies without having to suffer any financial loss whatsoever.  The firm  is giving out 6.6 testnet gram tokens users who activate their wallets.
Trading cryptocurrency has become as popular in mainstream media as Forex Trading. This has over the years produced outstanding results and returns for experience traders as well as loss for others.
As the adoption of cryptocurrency spreads all over the world, people are looking at trading cryptocurrencies, while KYC/AML restrictions affect some, the know-how is another challenge.
Speaking on this initiative, CEO of Button Wallet said “Crypto’s biggest obstacle is mass adoption and what we’ve created will help people comfortable with trading cryptocurrency without using real money”.
He further said that without users having practical experience with transacting with cryptocurrencies, there will always be issues with mass adoption.
This position is further amplified by the COO of Button Wallet Rachel McCrary who said that “there’s common fear around crypto which is preventing some people from becoming new users”.
With complicated UI/UX being one of the challenges of adopting and transacting using cryptocurrencies, Telegram’s privacy principle, over 250 million users and easy to use features of Button Wallet, mass adoption could be on the way.
Button wallet is a multi virtual currency messenger based wallet that allows holding and trading of cryptocurrency.
According to the firm, the wallet built on Telegram messenger’s principles of decentralization and is focused on optimizing usability and security for uses looking to split the finances of shared experiences with friends. Telegram users can just send funds to anyone using their Telegram’s username.
The wallet allows Telegram users to easily hold or trade cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC BCH, ETC, Waves, XLM and ERC-20 tokens. Users in the United States are also able to purchase cryptocurrency with the US Dollars.

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