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Top Cryptocurrency Exchange in Ghana,  eBitcoinics Lists Dash after crowdfund



Dash is making significant movement towards enhancing the adoption of  cryptocurrency in Africa. This time, Dash is adding it’s trading pairs to eBitcoinics. The Ghana based cryptocurrency exchange, eBitcoinics added Dash to its lineup recently. The exchange offers its users in African trading pairs for minor coins such as Global Reserve Currency and SmartCash and other major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.
eBitcoinics announced, “With news of Dash been accepted in selected shops all over the country Ghana and Nigeria, where you can buy goods and pay with Dash. You also book for a hotel accommodation and pay with Dash at selected hotels in Accra, Tema, Tamale and spread all over Ghana.
Today we to announce to you that Dash (DASH) will be listed on the number one Cryptocurrency Exchange platform in Ghana and Nigeria”
The integration of Dash into the exchange is a great feat for the Dash community. Dash African lead ambassador Mahamadu Abdul Salam explains, “This means a big win for Dash adoption in Ghana, the long awaited solution to Dash liquidity in the country is solved now and people can buy and sell/swap fiat and fiat for Dash freely and easily on eBitcoinics. The exchange is by far the number one cryptocurrency exchange not only in Ghana but Nigeria as well with multiple means of payment in a buying order such as mobile money, Bank payments and PayPal.”
Dash has one of its strongest adoption in Africa in Ghana.  At the moment, DiscoverDash lists nine businesses in Ghana that accept Dash. The funds for the integration of Dash into the eBitcoinics exchange was crowdfunded by the Dash community. This is a fast and efficient way of raising funds without the stress of going through other channels.  
Abdul Salam explains, “The crowdfunding of the integration fee outside the treasury is by far the fastest and easier way of raising funds within the Dash community by my experience. It tells me the Dash community is committed to championing causes that promote global adoption. In an overnight after the Dash community angel investors got back from holidays, 13 Dash was raised to make the integration happen. This is beautiful and reinforces that the Dash community aside its treasury systems have workable systems in place to make things that matter most to the network happen such as this.”


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Image credit: Pixabay
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