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Samsung’s Bitcoin Mining Chip On High Demand



Korea has been the country on the headlines pioneering the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption as businesses within the country are making waves with record-breaking revenue. The South Korean division of Samsung Electronics is the company in focus as it saw its profit surge in the first quarter of the year compared to previous years. For those in the cryptocurrency space, this would not come as a surprise as they know the potential of technology.

The company’s spike in revenue is as a result of its semiconductor division which manufactures bitcoin mining chips. Hopes are high as well as expectations that the trend would continue.
In an announcement, the world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, South Korean Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. posted its first quarter earnings. Samsung Electronics is the flagship company of the Samsung Group with assembly plants and sales network in 80 countries.

The company’s consolidated earnings recorded 60.56 trillion won ($56 billion). Its operating profits were 15.64 trillion won (~$14.5 billion), a 58% increase from 9.9 trillion won (~$9.2 billion) achieved during the same period last year. Meanwhile, its year-on-year sales grew approximately 20%.
According to Seoul Newspaper

Demand for the semiconductor division increased due to sales of system LSIs [ASICs] for flagship smartphones and demand for virtual currency mining chips. The samsung electronics semicoundutor division accounted for almost three-quarters of total operating profits, which makes it a record high, an official from Samsung explained.

In January, Samsung confirmed it has commenced the manufacturing of ASIC chips used for mining cryptocurrency. Although no evidence exist to support this, but as a spokesperson told techcrunch previously that, “Samsung’s foundry business is currently engaged in the manufacturing of cryptocurrency mining chips.”

The manufacturing of ASIC designs has provide the company offering design services which connect “mid-to-small sized companies”. In January, the Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem program was launched to ensure deep collaboration between the Samsung foundry, ecosystem partners, and customers.

Halong says their rig is “the world’s most efficient bitcoin miner, operating at 16TH with Asicboost technology inside for greater power efficiency.” Halong who is a minig rig manufacturer has revealed that miners success is attributed to samsung”s chips.

Its almost a monopolist market with just fa ew competitors within the space, with the largest being TSMC which supplies mining chips to hardware makers Bitmain and Canaan. TSMC also recorded a record high in sales dues to the high demand for the hardware.

What do you think about possibilities of the technology beyond exchange and trade? Let’s hear from you. Leave your comment in the comment section below.


Image source:  XDA Developer

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