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Paxful is Set to Build Blockchain Technology Incubation Hub in Nigeria



Paxful is taking its plans for Nigeria a notch higher by announcing its plans to construct a blockchain technology incubation hub in Lagos. The peer-to-peer marketplace has plans to launch the project this coming fall.
Paxful CEO, Ray Youssef states, “Paxful is committed to fostering economic growth in Africa and helping the unbanked and underbanked gain access to the opportunities they have been denied for so long. The incubator is simply a starting point to help driven entrepreneurs in an industry that has shattered boundaries all over the world.” The idea behind the project is to provide a coworking or networking space for ICO advisors, corporate and individual blockchain training, and mentorship for Nigerian blockchain developers.
The company is dedicated to the project and has brought in Chuta Chimezie, a Nigerian to serve as the regional director of Africa. Chimeze’s duties will include, facilitating local and international brand awareness, conducting business operations, recruiting and overseeing the incubator’s day-to-day dealings, and developing the company’s educational content.
He express his delight on the project saying, “It is a privilege to work with an organization that believes in investing in countries with great potential such as Nigeria.” He went further to say, “Paxful’s initiatives have not only helped those in great need here, but are also helping African entrepreneurs achieve their full potential. Paxful is using Bitcoin to do good in the world.”
Chimezie was the founder of  the Blockchain Nigeria User Group. He also developed reference texts for African regulators to help them better understand cryptocurrencies and how they work.  The Blockchain Nigeria User Group is an organization of both blockchain entrepreneurs and advocates committed to furthering blockchain use within the country’s borders.
Paxful has a ship load of plans for Africa including plans to sponsor several blockchain events in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and Kenya.  A charitable programme, #BuiltwithBitcoin had been launched previously, to persuade cryptocurrency enthusiasts to fund ongoing humanitarian projects in Africa, and began the initiative with a $50,000 donation toward the construction of a new nursery school in Rwanda. Paxful seems to just be getting started we hope to see more from the  blockchain technology incubation hub in Lagos.

Do you think that the blockchain technology incubation hub in Lagos will help promote the blockchain technology? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
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