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Cattle Tracking Blockchain Solution provided by RippleNami



Kenya is occupying the blockchain space with startups focused on using the blockchain to solve real-life problems. One of such startup is RippleNami, a Kenyan based technology firm that has just created the country’s first life stock program. RippleNami is working in collaboration with the Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA) to create a traceability program for lives stock that will soon be used in the country. The platform was designed by RippleNami and Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology.
RippleNami is trying to make it easier for cattle owners to track their cattle as well as aid in data collection, disease mapping, tracking the animals geolocation and storage of their bio-data. RippleNami is being supported by a local bank and the Directorate of Veterinary Services. As one of the leading blockchain data visualization platform providers, it has named the program “the Livestock Identification and Traceability System”.
The platform is now being adopted by veterinary officers who can now capture critical information about livestock that will enable them to identify and register cattle, cattle owners, and location. This platform is creating a system that helps in the control of livestock diseases, aid in keeping track of the animals’ health records and it will boost breeding programs and boost productivity and discourage inbreeding. It will also help to curb the illegal movement of livestock as well as the widespread of cattle theft in major parts of the country.
RippleNami has created a solution that will enable banks to provide continuous financial support and micro-lending benefits to livestock owners. Aside from this, cattle owners able to manage the husbandry process for their animals while controlling the movement of their livestock.  The project is an exciting one and the National Chairman of the Kenya Veterinary Association, Dr. Samuel Kahariri spoke on the partnership saying:
“The power to geographically visualize the registration of individual animals, farms, holdings, premises and herds now permit us to aid in the enforcement of laws regarding livestock movements, it improves access to local and International markets for livestock and livestock products and improves the efficiency of disease control initiatives. This system is one of the key pre-requisites in the commercialization of Kenya’s livestock sector as it enters international markets. This public-private partnership offers powerfully intuitive methods to visualize data and identify patterns that quickly lead to actionable outcomes for us.”

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