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Crypto-to-crypto Trading Pair Launched by Zebpay



Zebpay claims to be India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and it recently launched its first crypto-to-crypto trading pair. The exchange which was established in 2015 and has its headquartered in Mumbai, the pair to pair trading is to make exchanges between cryptocurrencies easy.
Zebpay already has its app up and running and the company announced in March that its app had more than three million downloads, “making it the most downloaded cryptocurrency app on both iOS and Android in India.” The company is working to hasten the launch as its cited that its “engineers have been working round-the-clock to launch crypto-to-crypto trading.”
Information gotten from the exchange states, “Zebpay is excited to announce to you the launch of crypto-crypto trading. Now, you can easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another…the first pair we’re introducing is ETH/BTC. More crypto pairs coming soon.”
Zebpay has plans to update its app as it reveals that, “crypto-to-crypto trading feature will be available in the new app update: Android version 2.0.14 and iOS version 2.0.24.” For now, the exchange clarified that the fees for all crypto-to-crypto transactions will be charged in bitcoin. Although the company tweeted that “Initially, this feature will be available to a limited set of users.”
What do you think of crypto-to-crypto trading do you think other exchanges should adopt this system? Let hear your opinion in the comments section below.
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