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KuBitX Attracts Seed Investment as KBX Prepares for Launch



KuBitX Attracts Seed Investment as KBX Prepares for Launch

KubitX, one of Africa’s pioneer exchanges secures seed funding from foreign investors as she prepares to launch its Pan-African token KBX.

The last 12 months have not been the best of market conditions, but the test of the character of a team is in how much they are able to accomplish with so little. It speaks a lot about what they can do with adequate backing financially and otherwise. Needless to over-flog this, it is not in doubt that the KuBitX team has shown its resourcefulness in getting 2 live products ready for market with limited funding.

Our native token (KBX) has generated so much interest within the community and among our project stakeholders. People in the Telegram community are probably used to (or are maybe even tired of) an endless barrage of the phrase “when trade Kbx?” Well, we expect to finally put an end to these repetitions in the coming few weeks.

For a while, the project had needed some operational funding to accelerate the progress and little wins being made from time to time. Recently we scored a home run. One that should make our efforts more visible to our stakeholders. KuBitX recently secured some operational funding from a seed investor. We expect this to impact our products go-to-market positively even as we begin to acquire users and volume for both our PROW and Exchange respectively. We expect this to impact the value we’re bringing to your precious KBX asset.

What is in store for KBX (and its holders)?

We delayed the listing of KBX because we were working on strategies to bring more utility to the token beyond the typical exchange discounts and crypto dust conversion. We decided to not list KBX under pressure but to do so when we have brought some of the value bringing plans close to completion. Today there are at least 5 ways in which we are bringing utility and adoption to KBX, some are reasons for you to guard your tokens and be patient as the ride continues. Let us briefly talk about these 5 utility bringers.

  • Loyalty discounts on the PROW — users who pay their bills on the PROW using KBX now get a cashback reward. We believe this will incentivize grassroots users to buy, hold and use KBX more.
  • Periodic raffles for KBX users on the PROW — top users of KBX qualify for periodic raffles where they stand to win cash, tokens, vouchers, and products from African businesses and merchants
  • Fiat exit from the Exchange — Traders will be able to exit their crypto to the available fiat/local stable coin via KBX
  • Staking for passive income — Users will be able to stake their KBX to earn periodic passive income
  • KBX markets — Trade in KBX markets without transaction fees
  • IEO airdrops for KBX holders
  • Cashback rewards at merchant stores for KBX adoption in Africa — to foster adoption of KBX as a means of payment within Africa.

“When trade KBX?”

You are tired of hearing this question, but you are probably even more tired of hearing “very soon”. What can we say without giving too much away at this time? It really is closer than you can imagine, we will not just fuel speculation and consequent distraction by giving another date. For those who are looking to start trading, we will give a few days/hours heads up before we commence trading activities.

To wrap this up…

We cannot advise what to do with your tokens, we can only keep working to bring it more utility and adoption; more ways to ensure that our patient holders get rewarded for their faith in the project in the long run. We always welcome constructive criticism and contributions on how to make our dear project a success story. We wish to appreciate those who have stood up to defend the project at any opportunity, you are part of the reason we go every day in search of big wins for KuBitX.

It is your project.

Know it. Have it. Secure it. Protect it. Defend it. Support it.

Warm Regards from the KuBitX Team

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I love working with Corporate Brands. Also I am a SEO Expert, Blockchain Speaker and Writer, Strategy Lead at SMMA, Freelance Content Creator, Editor, Business Developer and finally blogger at Cryptotvplus.


Press Release

Beepmagnet Announces the Launch of BMCT Wallet on Play Store and Apple Store



Beepmagnet International Releases Its Native Token Wallet

Beepmagnet International, the team behind the development of the of BMCT Blockchain seeks to inform the members of the public and its loyal community on the successful development and launch of its native wallet BMCToken for Android’s Playstore and BMCT for Apple store downloadable on users devices of choice.

We are excited about this developmental milestone which demonstrates our strong beliefs in the evolution of technology and its sweeping impacts on firms and their underlying businesses, clearly not playing the bystander or spectator game.

Beepmagnet International, a conglomerate which boasts of a slew of cutting edge products such as the Sisibox, Mobdoctor, QTrade AI and others is a Consumer Loyalty platform with a clientele base spanning over 20 nations in the continent of Africa. In order to keep its competitive edge up, it has designed a Hybrid blockchain platform that has combined innovation to achieve a Super Fast Confirmation Speed. BMCT blockchain is powered by 11 use cases which according to her roadmap will deliver 4 between 2019/2020.

Dr Gilead Okolonkwo, Chairman of Beepmagnet Group International  an exemplary leader driven with passion for the uncommon development of the African continent speaking on this achievement said

With the pace at which technology is racing, if as Africans we do not catch up or become interested, then a repeat colonization will not be far off. The worse that can happen to Africa is Technological Colonization. As Africans, let’s not mistake Hope for Achievement or Social Economic Hype for Reality. I believe we may not be able to solve all of African challenges, Beepmagnet International Group have therefore resolved to contribute its quota to hoist and fly high the African flag in the technology space by focusing on Consumer Loyalty solution with a laser focus by applying the Blockchain Technology.

The Global Loyalty Management Market has been valued at USD 1.94 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 7.305 billion by the end of 2022 growing at a CAGR of 24.73% during the forecast period 2017-2022 according to a Reuters’ report . With such growth rate, only companies with the right product-market fit and tools are guaranteed a position in the global market.

This is why we have come up with the concept of Blockchain Consumer Merchant Token (BMCT) which relies on the exchange of value in the form of goods and services. This concept is what gave birth to a hybrid master node distribution model to determine the circulating token in BMCT blockchain.

BMCToken represent a true digital Token on blockchain designed to be adopted through a decentralized medium based on spending power that a consumer spends across Merchants. they get rewards with BMCT which can be exchanged for other services or products offered by merchants.

When you think of a loyalty service that is global, decentralized and people driven for mass adoption, BMCToken token is designed to fill this Gap.

Visit the Play Store and Apple Store to download the wallet to start using and get more in-depth information about the Beepmagnet International Group by visiting our website

Join our growing community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for real-time update and let’s keep the conversation going.

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Techpoint Partners CryptoTVplus For 2019 Edition of Techpoint Inspired Coverage and Widespread Publicity.



We are happy to announce our recent partnership as Techpoint CryptoTVplus For 2019 Edition of “Techpoint Inspired” towards the successful outing of the of the 2019 edition of Techpoint Inspired coming up on Saturday 1, June 2019,

Techpoint Inspired is an annual conference organized by, a division of Techpremier Media Limited. With speakers converging from all parts of Africa and even Europe and the United States, it boasts of a massive attendance of participants making it rank as one of the top events to be attended by participants every year.

At the third edition of this conference to come up by the 1st of June 2019, several topics and discourse covering global issues will be held in different sessions of the event. Workshops on AI, Robotics and Machine Learning, the future of work and even fast breezing phenomenon such as the Blockchain Technology will be facilitated.

Bosun Tijani, Co-founder and CEO of Co Creation Hub, Professor Maziar Nekovee, Professor, Engineering & Design, Sussex University UK, and Funke Opeke, CEO of Main One will be speaking at the event.

Rolayo Akhigbe the Divisional Head of Transaction Banking at FCMB will also be speaking at the event. Recall that First City Monument Bank (FCMB) is a major sponsor of this event year in year out. Also as a speaker is Seni Sulayman, the Vice President, Global Operations at Andela and a few others.

Senator Ihenyen, the Lead Partner at Infusion Lawyers and Partners will be facilitating a session in the workshop category focusing on the blockchain technology. And as technology continues to evolve making artificial intelligence and the internet of things even more interconnected, Wale Akanbi Co-founder / CTO, Aella Credit will be speaking on AI and Robotics. Mayowa Adeoti a global IBM Skill Leader will be drawing the attention of participants on “The Future of Work” in this 21st Century.

Several other notable speakers such as Daniel Bloch, Co-founder and CEO of Seso Global, Owenize Odia, the Country Manager of Luno Nigeria will also both be speaking on Blockchain.

Techpoint Inspired, an event that focuses the attention of participants on the impact of technology to businesses, social, political interactions and personal development whether being championed by corporate entities or giants such as facebook, Twitter or Google will be spicing things up further by making room for virtual speakers who work for tech giants such as Twitter, About You GmbH (Germany) etc., to address the enthused participants. Babatunde Fashola, Eniola Banwo, both working at the San Francisco based tech company, Twitter will be speaking in their respective capacities as Software Engineer and Product Designer. Oyewale Oyediran a Senior Software Engineer at the German based N26 will also be a Virtual Speaker at the event.

So, whether young or old, participants through action-fueled conversations with experts and enthusiasts from around the world in Lagos, Nigeria will have the opportunity to hear from experts and key into a digital age where businesses and social interaction are constantly being redefined by the disruptive nature of technologic and its accompanied innovations.

And for us at Cryptotvplus we are indeed very excited to be a major media partner covering the length and breadth of this conference. Also, watch out for exclusive interviews with some select speakers at the event. We will be updating our readers with more updates on this event pre and post conference. Kindly keep a date with us.

Hurry now by visiting to get your seat with the limited tickets available.


Pistis Conference Center: 1 Resurrection Drive, Lekki-Epe. Express way, Lagos Nigeria


Saturday 1, June 2019

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Adoption News

KuBitX Creates Africa’s first usable Stable Coin among other milestones



Over the past few weeks we at KuBitX have been busy fine tuning our blockchain solutions while also working to raise some operational funding to help us go full blast with our marketing and scaling plans. The good news is that our efforts are finally paying off and you can rest assured we are taking this project further into the mainstream, where it needs to be. Remember KuBitX is all about adoption and inclusion?


In the past few months, we have also been working on how to ensure our supporters get the best value for their contributions. We understand one of the ways to do this is to bring more utility and relevance to our native exchange token (KBX – KubitCoin) and a number of business decisions have been made regarding the way forward especially when it comes to listing and getting it into the hands of more people both in crypto and the mainstream. We will talk more about KBX later but let us first discuss our issuance of Africa’s first usable stable coin.


Naira Stable Coin (NGNX)

Stable coins. We have all heard of them but they have either been associated with scandals or are typically merely used for trading against crypto pairs. We believe this amazing innovation of blockchain technology can be put to better use such as facilitating real life merchant payments, instant currency swaps and cross-border remittances. It is for this reason that we created NGNX, Africa’s first usable stable coin — a digital asset pegged 1:1 to the Nigerian Naira.

Why did we start off with NGNX?

Nigeria boasts the highest population, highest youth population and highest mobile device penetration in all of Africa. It has the biggest economy and it’s teeming youth population are strong adopters of crypto — an evidence which can be seen in the volume of Bitcoin traded by Nigerians monthly. By creating this Naira pegged asset, we are not only helping more mainstream people to embrace certain applications of Blockchain tech, we are also facilitating further adoption of the technology and thus helping it mature better and faster in our own way. Our NGNX will be “swappable” in real time with other pegged tokens we plan to create once all the business and audit procedures are set in place.

Today, people who own NGNX can currently use it on KuBitX PROW to:

Send XLM to their peers in any part of the globe

Receive funds from their peers across the globe via XLM swap pathways. More pathways are being created starting with other countries in Africa.

Pay for airtime, internet, entertainment, utility and other services for over 3000 merchants in Africa’s largest economy

Fund their KuBitX Exchange account to exchange for other kinds of assets listed on the Exchange.

Fiat Payment Gateway Integration on Exchange

A major challenge crypto adopters in Africa and other emerging markets have is the difficulty in obtaining the top crypto (BTC, ETH, XLM etc) or the fact that they usually buy them at a premium, and often with steep transaction fees. Since we pride ourselves in helping adoption and fostering inclusion, we have decided to integrate a fiat payment gateway to the Exchange so that people can more easily invest in promising assets and projects they want without losing time and money due to the volatility in a high frequency trading environment. Our fiat gateway also ensures people can buy assets closer to the real price without having to pay the steep 2–3% fees being offered by the likes of MasterCard or Visa. It is another way of showing how much we care about how much we can give to our community and not merely what we can take from them.

Currency Conversion on KuBitX Exchange

For the sake of ease and convenience of portfolio management, we have added currency conversion to the settings so that our users can decide to see the prices of assets as well as their wallet balances in any of the currencies we have made available most notably the NGN, KES, ZAR, UGX, USD, GBP, RUB, EUR and CAD.

Exchange Liquidity

You may have noticed the reduction of the available trading pairs on the exchange, but you will have also noticed that the available pairs are coming alive. In the following weeks, we will be working to ensure there is more liquidity for the projects listed on the exchange. We do not believe in listing every project out there, we only want to list the most viable ones we can access. As our operations stabilise even further, we will be conducting community voting events as well as initial exchange offerings to bring on board high quality projects for our esteemed users.


Bonus referrals and Loyalty Discounts for payments using KBX

We believe in giving back, we cannot emphasize this enough. For this reason we will be giving back money to our users whenever they or their referrals pay for their bills on KuBitX PROW. When a referred person pays a bill, the referrer gets 5% of the transaction fees. A referrer is also eligible to earning 3% of the transaction fee of his/her downline’s first referral. People will always pay bills so we believe this is a good way for mainstream adopters of our KuBitX PROW to earn passive income.


In addition to the bonus referral payments, we have also negotiated discounted transaction fees for our users when they pay their bills on the PROW using our KBX tokens. This helps the user get a good deal as well as adding more utility to the token itself which benefits all owners.

Work is also ongoing to allow our esteemed community to be able to stake their KBX tokens for periodic rewards. More information will be provided on this at a future date.

One more thing (One Big Partnership)

We signed a huge deal to co-create something that can change the way funds/value is moved across Africa by people and especially mainstream businesses. We are super excited about this partnership and we believe it is positioning us further in an influential place within Africa and beyond as far as Blockchain innovations is concerned. We will share more details of this after the Easter break.

Yet one more thing (#BWCLagos19)

Women across Africa attended the maiden Blockchain Women Conference held in Lagos, Nigeria which was attended by the likes of Eric Annan (KuBitX CEO) and Reggie Middleton (Veritaseum CEO). At the event, KuBitX CEO pleaded with Africans to let go of a scarcity mentality and start collaborating to build strong and meaningful blockchain projects so that in the next few years, Africans can look at themselves as Blockchain solutions co-creators and not merely consumers as has been the typical trend with past major technology waves.

When also puzzled about why KuBitX was giving so many top notch features out so cheaply, Eric Annan responded to say:

We are focused in bringing value to the entire continent, because Africans have been saddled with exorbitant charges, poor customer support including random unexplained closure of accounts by some platforms. We are more concerned about the people and the value we can bring them, hence we will continue to strive to make it easier for the continent to have easier access to useful and reputable digital assets in the coming months. We plan to do this with features such as card payment and direct bank deposit. This is only possible as a result of our commitment to strategic synergies and partnerships with the mainstream.



Thanks for your patience and support so far. Keep supporting us as we work to bring you value both in how we serve you as well as how we make KuBitX bigger and stronger. We have a few other things cooking which we would only be at liberty to share once all the background and paperwork has been completed. For now, the team will just keep doing what they know best — work, innovate, collaborate,deliver, improve, rinse and repeat.


Happy Easter Holidays





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Adoption News

Blocktech Women Conference 2019- Showcasing Africa’s Women In Blockchain

There has never been a conference like this! Women are taking the center stage in the blockchain industry all across the Atlantic and back home in Africa, be a part of this fully loaded Educative series.

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blocktech women conference

Blocktech Women Conference-2019 -the first female-driven blockchain conference in Africa built to reposition the mindsets of all female players in the blockchain industry has been put together by the Blockchain Association of Ladies BAL. It has never been this big and it would be held on Friday, 12th April 2019 at Virginrose Resorts, Victoria Island, 8 am prompt.

The Blocktech Women Conference 2019


The Conference is billed to educate and train attendees on various aspects of blockchain technology; Women And Blockchain, Digital Assets blocktech women conferenceTrading, Blockchain In Public & Private Sector, Blockchain In Supply Chain, Blockchain Application Programming & Coding, Personal & Business Branding, among others. Attendance is free for all and open to both males and females.


The above-listed wealth of information will be delivered by are our renowned speakers; Reggie Middleton, Founder, Disruptor-in-chief and CEO of Veritaseum (USA), Lorna M.Johnson, CFO at Advanced Family Care Medical Group Inc (USA), Alakanani Itireleng, Founder at Satoshi Centre (Botswana), Genevieve Leveille, Founder at AgriLedger (Jersey), Maureen L. Murat, Principal at Crowdie Advisors (USA), Linus Kingdom, Managing Editor at eBlockbuzz (Nigeria), Heaven Bereket, Founder at Bambino Foundation (Sweden), Lindsay Nuon, CEO at Women of Color In Blockchain (USA),Lucky Uwakwe, CEO at SABI Exchange (Nigeria), Doris Ojuederie, Founder at Blockchain African Ladies (Nigeria), Nathaniel Luz, Executive Director at Cheetah Africa (Nigeria), Faith Obafemi, Blockchain Lawyer (Nigeria), among others.

blockctech women conference


That’s not all. The Veritaseum (USA) representatives will be on the ground at the Conference to train attendees on trading digital GOLD via the Blockchain. To get the training started, Veritaseum will be distributing about $17,000 worth of its VeGold asset to attendees who had already completed their KYC verification on the VeGold trading platform;

This freebie serves as support to the African woman. However, it is important for prospective attendees to get their KYC done and approved prior to the event to avoid unforeseen inconveniences. Queries about KYC Verification should be sent to

We are also pleased to inform you that representatives of SisiBox Period Subscription Package will be distributing 50 packs of their Combo Sanitary packs to 50 attendees at the Conference. SisiBox Lady Sanitary is designed to provide quality anion sanitary napkins for women at the lowest cost possible via the Blockchain technology while raising financially empowered and entrepreneurial driven ladies in the continent and beyond.

To qualify for the free Sanitary packs, prospective attendees are required to register via the link below and thereafter give out their personal link to friends for registration: The top 50 attendees with the highest referrals will each receive the SisiBox Combo Female Sanitary.

The 2019 Blocktech Women Conference team will be waiting to welcome you at Virginrose Resorts, Victoria Island, Lagos on April 12, 2019.

Contact: Doris Ojuederis, Senior Convener, Blocktech Women Conference +2348095973066 –

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