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Blockchain| Crypto Arts & the Future of Money



Crypto Punks, tokenized arts, GameFi, albums among others have been the new wave and the talk of the crypto industry from the second quarter of this year. We’ve witnessed mere pictures and work of art sell for ridiculous and outrageous prices on the various NFTs Marketplaces across the internet.


More importantly, the advent of Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) have driven the adoption of the blockchain technology to a whole new level. We’ve seen celebrities come into the space by creating their own NFT collections. This has in turn created a suggestion that our world is becoming a Metaverse.


Non-Fungible tokens are unique tokens that are used to represent real world assets. It is basically the process of tokenization of an asset that exists in the real world. We are seeing innovative solutions coming up in the blockchain and crypto with pieces of virtual land being sold on digital platforms amongst others.

We also saw how an artist sold one million copies of his album in less than a minute using the NFT innovation. People can now own digital properties which cannot be counterfeited. That is the future; the Metaverse!


To learn more about Crypto Arts and the Future of Money, make it a date for the event at Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos brought to you by bnugDAO. This event will empower you with all you need to know about Crypto Arts. 


The video livestream will also be available on CryptoTVplus’ YouTube Channel 




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